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A survey once found that Filipinos send an average of 600 texts per month – about 40 per cent more than their US counterparts. Not for nothing is the Philippines called the ‘texting capital of the world.’

Not only are Filipinos texting a lot, they are also probably doing it on a Nokia device. A survey by TNS last year found that an amazing 64% of Filipinos own a Nokia.

Rv Cuarto

These facts have been brought to my attention by Rv Cuarto, 28, who since July 2012 has been running the Nokia Revolution website in the Philippines. The name was inspired by Nokia’s switch to the Windows Phone platform.

He is the proud owner of a Nokia 808 PureView (‘an all round multimedia monster’), Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia N8 and Nokia Asha 303.

A computer engineering graduate who now works for an international financial services company, Rv is a confirmed Nokia fanatic, who spends every spare moment spreading the word to his country folk and beyond.

He spoke to Conversations about his website, the allure of Nokia and his big plans for the future.

Why did you start the blog?

Previously, I was an active member of the Nokia Philippines Facebook page. I helped members with their queries, like technical issues with their phones, posted updates and generally encouraged people to support Nokia. One day, I decided to think of something that could help Nokia even more.

Nokia inspired me to become a blogger and it has been life changing.

I believe that setting up a blog is not just writing anything you want to say. It’s a commitment. When you start a blog, you are making a commitment to your readers that you will always keep the momentum, and their interest.

How much time and effort do you spend on Nokia Revolution?

I spend a lot of time on it because I sometimes blog everyday after work and on weekends. I also have to manage the Nokia Revolution accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

The Facebook page and my blog takes up a lot of my time because you have to post something everyday; you have to answer queries, and deliver something fresh and interesting.

I do have some help though. The Nokia Revolution Facebook page has five admins, lead by Enrique Olorvida from the Philippines, and we also have Denis Pichan, who is a Nokia Developer Champion from Uganda. 

What feedback have you had about the website and what are your plans for the future?

Rv Cuarto

I got a message from Nokia’s Head of Communications for Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, Ms. Nikka Abes, saying wonderful things about my blog and she offered to lend me test devices so I could write about them.

Currently, we get around 3,500 average daily views from around the world. Because of that, I plan to revamp my site to a Metro-style look, which I’m sure will increase my page views. I hope to have that accomplished within the coming months.

Editorially, I will focus more on device reviews and other interesting stuff, like app reviews. I am also looking for people who are interested to write on my blog in the future. We have also launched our Nokia Revolution app for Asha S40 and Lumia devices.

What makes Nokia so special to you?

Nokia is a global brand that has delivered so much innovation, and has been a massive influence on the whole mobile industry.

Nokia has changed our lives on how we communicate, how we connect to people and never failed to give us something new.

Somehow, I think that people care about Nokia because they feel that Nokia also cares for them. Aside from its great products, they are an ethical company that you can admire.

How popular is Nokia in the Philippines?

Nokia’s popularity in the Philippines is massive. We have embraced Nokia’s products and services over many decades.

Though mobile phones have become more diverse, and with more brands, still wherever you go, you’ll see Nokia phones being used by most Filipinos.

Top photo credit: Storm Crypt