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Some of Nokia’s Lumia smartphones come with the ability to charge wirelessly – that is to say that you don’t need to actually plug in a cable to recharge your phone. Instead, a wireless charging pad, much like the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, is needed.

A beautifully made YouTube video by Lobbamobba shows what’s possible when you use your imagination and Nokia’s tech.

As you can see by the video, Lobbamobba purchased a fairly cheap bedside table and decided to embed a DT-900 underneath and into the woodwork. Sure, he/she could’ve left the charging plate on top like everybody else, but Lobbamobba decided to be clever and unique.

No pads in sight

The video gives a brief, but fairly concise, overview of what’s needed to achieve the wireless, padless, effect.

Taking the nightstand apart is the start of this experiment, followed by some chiselling and some reassembly. At the end, a Nokia Lumia 920 is placed atop the stand and it begins to charge automatically and magically.

We applaud Lobbamobba (@Lobbamobba) for his or her creativity and also for the video-editing skills – it’s really quite beautiful.

Has this video inspired you to get creative and try something similar? If it has, we’d definitely like to hear from you in the comments section below.