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This week, an updated version of the LinkedIn app was released for Windows Phone, which includes the ability to launch the app using basic voice commands such as “LinkedIn: Today”, “LinkedIn: Inbox” and “LinkedIn: New Status”. We had the chance to catch up with Joff Redfern from LinkedIn about the enhancements available in the app.

Joff heads up the global mobile products team at LinkedIn, where he oversees the company’s mobile strategy and how it fits in with their other product efforts. Joff and his team have been working to reimagine what LinkedIn should be like on Windows Phone 8 devices like the Nokia Lumia.


[do action=”boxout”]Download LinkedIn

  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the app from Windows Phone Store[/do]

What’s new with the Windows Phone LinkedIn app?
We are always looking for new ways to help mobile professionals conduct business and get the necessary insights wherever they may be working. With this in mind, Windows Phone’s awesome Live Tiles are now supported in different sizes and with higher resolution pictures, so our members can quickly scan their important updates.

In addition, the lock screen can now be set to include images from LinkedIn Today for immediate access to real-time professional insights, allowing members to quickly find and consume the information they need to be great at their jobs.
You now have support for additional languages in the LinkedIn app – how did you decide which languages to prioritize?
We’ve added support for 12 new languages: Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, & Traditional Chinese.

We want to work where our members’ work, so we selected languages associated with the most popular geographies in which professionals are using Windows Phone devices. Our international membership continues to grow, along with the global workforce, so look for more updates to come.


As you noted, there are some features that are specific to WP8 compatibility, such as LinkedIn Today images on the lock screen and the ability to display different sized Live Tiles – were there certain features you knew you wanted to showcase with the app?
We like to say that we “hug the HIG” (human interface guidelines) for each of the mobile platforms we work on. We want to celebrate the platforms’ super powers. For Windows Phone, I love the way it tries to put “content before chrome” by reducing unnecessary graphics, and being ultra clean with typography. It was important to us to deeply embrace the Windows Phone’s solid design patterns. We didn’t try to port our design from one of our other apps – we started fresh.
Specific to WP8, we continue to improve the app with the features we like most on Windows Phone, like Live Tiles. We’re also always looking for new ways to reduce the friction members experience in trying to stay up to date. Adding LinkedIn Today to the lock screen on the phone gives easy access to the latest news and information – that’s good!
How can your user base best provide feedback about the changes that have been made?
We love hearing from our members. Feedback is essential for us and we certainly welcome comments on how to improve the user experience. Feedback can be provided by leaving comments and ratings on the Windows Phone Store, or reaching out to our customer support team at


What’s next for LinkedIn’s Windows Phone app?
We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience across all LinkedIn mobile apps, Windows Phone included. Specifics are under strict lock and key (and NDA), but look for future updates that enable even more personalized and streamlined access to the information, insights and conversations that matter most to our members and their networks.
Other than the LinkedIn app, what are your 3 favorite apps for use on Windows Phone?
LinkedIn is actually not one of my favorite apps (#lie). I am an avid reader and love the Amazon Kindle app. My digital bookshelf is quickly becoming massive. Listening to Pandora in the gym is a must. For productivity, and just remembering things, I heart Evernote.