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Thanks to NFC technology, some of the latest Nokia Lumia smartphones have the ability to connect to other NFC-enabled real-world objects, such as posters, Nokia accessories and also other smartphones by just tapping your phone against the other object.

Nokia NFC Writer is an app that enables you to create your own tags, from opening a webpage to launching system apps.

Nokia NFC Writer_Foursquare

To begin with you’ll need some NFC-enabled tags, something we explored in another article at the beginning of the year.

Now, with NFC tags in hand, you can begin to explore Nokia NFC Writer.

As far as programming goes, Nokia NFC Writer couldn’t be any simpler as all the hard work is done for you in the app. If you want to compose an NFC tag, just press Compose from the opening screen.

From there, you’ve got six panels split into categories, with 33 pre-programmed. Slide from left to right to explore what’s available and to find the tag you want to write.

For example, if you want to create a tag for checking-in to a venue on Foursquare, head to the Social panel and select Foursquare check-in. Nokia NFC Writer will then search Foursquare for any local venues using your phone’s GPS. If you want to create a tag for somewhere else, hit the Search icon at the bottom and perform the search.

Creating this tag might be ideal if you own a business and want to encourage people to share your location. Create the tag and place it at the cashier’s desk, or on the front door.

Nokia NFC Writer_system apps

Alternatively, if you want to just add a map location to a tag, and not a Foursquare venue, you can use the Location + Web panel, and the Location on a map option to do that.

That’s also the same place you can find the option to create a tag to navigate a tag-user to a website, using the Open webpage option.

Here’s another good idea for those music-lovers. Find the Apps panel and tap on System apps. From here, create a tag for Nokia Music and place that tag onto of your Nokia JBL PowerUp or PlayUp speakers. The next time you want to pump up the volume and listen to some music, you’re a few clicks closer and quicker than before.

Nokia NFC Writer_write tag

Or, create a Nokia Drive NFC tag to stick on your dashboard to launch immediately into Nokia Drive, much like the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder – although, without the wireless charging element, of course.

Under the Settings panel, there’s a load of options available, such as: Settings, Office, Wi-Fi, or Flight mode. If you’re a regular overseas traveller, you may want to create a Flight Mode tag and place it your suitcase for easy activation the next time you hop on a aeroplane.

While these wonderful app launch tags are convenient, there’s still the simple option to share contact information with people using a NFC tag. The Share contact option in the Contact panel will enable you to pick a contact from the contacts list from your People hub. It’s also the same place you can create tags to Make a call, Send email, and Send text messages, if you have a need for that.

Creating NFC tags for all those little repetitive tasks in life is now easy, thanks to Nokia NFC Writer on your Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 620, Lumia 820 (with NFC-enabled shell) and other NFC-enabled Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Try it today and let us know which tags and how you’re using them, in the comments section below.