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We’ve seen some great apps make an appearance on the Nokia Store over the past couple of years, and big names getting involved means there’s now a lot more choice.

ESPN is just one example, with the sports network providing a trio of comprehensive apps for sports lovers. I’ve been checking out what the ESPN apps have to offer.

There are currently three ESPN apps for owners of Asha devices like the Nokia Asha 308. The apps are: ESPN Cricinfo, ESPN FC and ESPN F1. As the names suggest, they’re based on cricket, football and F1, and run using Nokia’s WebApp technology. So what are they actually like to use? Read on to find out. 



ESPN FC is a great app for football fans. Open the app and the first thing you’ll see is a comprehensive news feed for all things football. The feed shows Champions League information as standard, but it’s also easy to switch over to the Premier League, where you’ll be met by fixtures and times, and a feed for all the latest news.

The feed makes up the home page, but there are also two other tabs: Scores and Fixtures, and Tables and Stats. Perhaps the best thing about ESPN FC is the fact it’s really easy to use. Everything is large and finger-friendly, and the text clear and well laid out. If you’re on the lookout for a football app that covers Champions League and Premier League matches and teams, ESPN FC should be top of your list.



If you’ve already tried ESPN FC, ESPN F1 will be familiar. The app is laid out in a similar way, with easy to navigate tabs at the top of the screen. There’s the home page, an RSS News and Features page, an F1 calendar and a Results tab. The app looks great, and even if you’re new to the world of smartphones and apps, it couldn’t be easier to get to grips with.

ESPN F1 isn’t just about static numbers or stats either – you can also get real-time race updates and keep in touch with the action when you’re on the move. If you’re an F1 fan, the news and features updates are interesting and well-written, and overall it’s one of my favourite apps that’s currently available for Asha. 

ESPN Cricinfo


ESPN Cricinfo offers a similar set of features to its sibling apps, but this time the layout is slightly different. Rather than tabs at the top, the app is split into a homescreen made up of large buttons: Live Scores, Results, News, Fixtures, Rankings and Settings.

Once again it’s an app that’s easy to use, and even though my Nokia Asha 308 has a 2G connection, it provided news and updates quickly and smoothly. The omission of an RSS feed on the home page seems a bit of a shame after using the other ESPN apps, but all the functionality and features are still present and correct.

Do you use any of the ESPN apps above on your Nokia Asha? Let us know in the comments below.