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In recent weeks we have ran several posts that have underlined the excellent multimedia credentials of the Nokia Asha Touch smartphones.

Whether it’s updating your Tumblr blog or filming and uploading videos to YouTube, it seems your Asha Touch device is always up to the task. 

As well as the native capabilities of Asha Touch, there are also plenty of apps in the Nokia Store to help you get creative and make the most of your photos and videos.

This week’s Asha App Spotlight is Colorizit (free), which is a fun way of manipulating the colour in your images.



This app gives you a feature that is extremely simple but also super effective.

A photo is taken in black and white and then you can isolate certain elements, such as the flower in the example here, to give it a burst of colour.

This technique works really well to highlight people, nature or just so that there’s no confusion about the star attraction in the photo!

It’s also a great way of transforming an ordinary image into something more beautiful.

Transforming your images

Using the app could not be easier. You have a choice of taking a photo with the in-app camera or selecting an existing photo in your gallery.

If you choose an old photo from your gallery then it’ll be opened in Colorizit in black and white; likewise images taken with the in-app camera are also in black and white.

Of course, it’s only black and white to begin with. The onus is on you to add some colour. This is done simply by tapping or brushing a part of the image with your finger.


Colorizit is an app that is very simple to use, but still takes some time to master. Maybe it’s just my chubby fingers but it’s really worth making the effort to refine your technique.

What I found really helpful is that you can change the ‘brush’ sizes so that you can be as precise as possible. If you make a mistake you can always start again with just a few taps of the screen.

If you think there’s a lack of sharing options in the app, then fear not!

Exit the app and go to the gallery where all your regular photos are stored and you’ll see your Colorizit creations saved there too. You can email, MMS, upload it to a social network or share it via Bluetooth just as you would any other image.

I don’t think you’d want to use Colorizit for every photo, but if it’s used selectively and executed well, the results can look fantastic.