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On Monday we teased that we’d be launching something new, and just yesterday we announced the new Nokia Asha 210, a fresh-looking QWERTY phone with the world’s first dedicated WhatsApp button. We’ve been following some of the blog/news sites from across the Web to gather up their reactions. Let’s share them with you now:

The Verge

The headline from The Verge simply reads:

Nokia’s WhatsApp QWERTY phone to take on BlackBerry

Matt Brian makes a good point in his article, and something that’s worth remembering. WhatsApp is a multi-platform service that connects WhatsApp users to other WhatsApp users, no matter what device they’re on.



Nokia gave James Trew from Engadget hands-on access to the Nokia Asha 210 and he wasted no time in giving it a test.

In James’ article he talks about the design language resembling that of the Nokia Lumia range by using the same colours. He also writes about Nokia’s efforts to create the polycarbonate-like one-piece design we have on Lumia, although it’s worth noting it’s not a one-piece device in this case.

The design is great for this price, the social features will please many, and there’s just about everything you might need for photos and sharing.


Natasha Lomas writes an in-depth look at the Nokia Asha 210 and examines the design, the rest of the hardware and also the software. With a dedicated WhatsApp button, Natasha looks at the active user figures to help understand why this might be a good decisions for Nokia.

Last week the messaging service [WhatsApp] said it now has north of 200 million monthly active users (this compares to BBM’s more modest 60 million). Tapping into the hugely popular social messaging craze is clearly Nokia’s aim here



The BBC have gone into some detail in their write-up of the Nokia Asha 210 announcement, not only looking at the phone’s features, but also at a study detailing WhatsApp and texting usage among its fans.

In true BBC form, there’s a note of impartiality as it lays out the facts.

Analysts suggested the move would make WhatsApp the text app of choice on the handsets, but suggested it would have limited impact on the wider mobile phone market


In a fairly short post by Rich Trenholm, he keeps to the point, sharing little but the facts. However, he connects the phone to recent trends:

Like the recently-announced Facebook Home, the 210 plugs a social network into the heart of the phone. The popular WhatsApp instant messaging service integrates with the 210’s phone book so you can start chatting straight from your address book, and chat notifications pop up even when you’re not in the app,



In Hunter Skipworth’s article on Pocket-lint, he looks at the spec of the Nokia Asha 210, as well as the price and looks.

The phone is going to go on sale in the US at just $72 for both the single and dual-sim variants. It certainly looks a lot better than Nokia’s previous Asha efforts and gets one up on most other affordable Android phones in terms of design.

What do you make of the new Nokia Asha 210? Tell us, below.