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Every week loads of new apps are launched in the Windows Phone Store. To help you get an idea of what’s worth checking out, we’ll be showcasing our favourite five to hit the store or get updated in the last seven days. This week we’ve been busy with a foreign language, talking books, baffling games and time management gizmos. Cast your eyes down to find out more.

1. Japanese Hub

What is it? A very nifty language-learning tool.

Why we love it? This is Japanese made easy for the digital age. It’s got lessons, vocab lists, flashcards and an audiostream so you can learn speaking as well as writing, and it’s even got the social media angle covered, so you can boast to your friends that you’ve progressed. You’ll learn to use the different Japanese alphabets, swiping the screen to form the characters. We’re hooked already.

Who it’s perfect for: International jet-setters, manga fans, culture-vultures.



2. Audible

What is it? Audio books on the go.

Why we love it? This is the Windows Phone version of the world’s most popular digital audio-book provider. Buy and download your books in a snap, and make good use of the Lumia’s fantastic audio capabilities. The Audible store is linked to Amazon, so they’ll probably have any book you might be after, and a few excerpts come bundled just to get you going.

Who it’s perfect for: Spoken-word aficionados and all you book-lovers.



2. Stopwatch+

What is it? Does what it says on the tin.

Why we love it? Sometimes it’s the really basic functions that make us smile. A stopwatch with a cool, clean interface, this is a really user-friendly, handy application. There’s quite a few similar apps on the market, but this one wins because of its lovely simplicity: start the timer, tap to indicate a new lap, and swipe sideways to see all the lap times plus your culmination time. Easy peasy.

Who it’s perfect for: Cooks, athletes, speed-freaks; anyone who’s working to a schedule.



4. Doors

What is it? A problem-solving game.

Why we love it? It’s as fiendishly simple and baffling as Lemmings. Each level has a door and you have to open it using on-screen clues. From tapping the correct icon to cracking a code or tilting your phone at the right moment, each level is deliciously challenging. There’s a free version and a paid version; as usual, the free version has ads, but they’re not intrusive.

Who it’s perfect for: Puzzle-addicts.



5. Location Reminder

What is it? A personal alert that kicks in according to where you are.

Why we love it? Use the map to set up personal customisable locations (home, work, school, the shop, etc) and then reminders to yourself (buy eggs, take a nap) that will set off an alarm when you reach the relevant location. Bingo! It’s a really simple programme with no fussiness or clutter, and dead useful. Perfect.

Who it’s perfect for: Forgetful types. (So, everybody, really!)


Needless to say, there are tons more great new apps released this week. If you’ve found any gems you think we should all know about, shout about them down below.

Image credit: Rosmary