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Video might have killed the radio star, but it’s made the crew here at Nokia Conversations very happy indeed. Why? Because it showcases all that’s wonderful about the world’s coolest smartphones. And if you’re not a Nokia Lumia convert already, we be our bottom dollars you’ll be eager to have a play around once you’ve cast your eyes over this week’s bumper crop of videos from around the web.

Low Light Comparison

Now, we’re biased, because of course we love the entire range of Nokia Lumia smartphones (and we know you will, too), but just in case you’re on the fence about whether the Nokia Lumia 720 or the Nokia Lumia 920 is the best choice for you, check out this film that compares how the camera on each model performs in low light conditions. With split-screen shots, courtesy of  mobile tech maestro, Clinton Jeff from, this video showcase two amazing performances. It almost makes us want to buy both

Roope Tonterri: Snowboarder

Finnish freestyle rider and double gold medallist at the 2013 FIS Snowboarding World Championships, twenty-one year old Roope Tonterri is a keen film-maker too—and his route to 2014 Winter Olympics is sponsored by Nokia. Check him out at the Finnish Snowboarding Championships in this awesome movie shot entirely on a Nokia Lumia 920 (remember to enjoy it in all its glory turn the video quality up to HD 1080p)—but be warned, you’ll get shivery just watching!

 Nokia Street Art

Nobody does style like the Italians—except maybe Nokia. For Milan Design Week 2013, Nokia got a bunch of talented street artists to tag a wall outside their local store with images of Lumia phones—and shot the whole thing on a Lumia 920. Design in action!


Efteling Roller-coaster

The Nokia Lumia 920 is known for its superb image stabilisation, but hey, how steady can a camera-phone really be? Pretty darn steady, if this video is anything to go by! Buckle up and hold onto your hats as this Lumia goes for a ride on a Dutch roller-coaster…


The Mission

Nokia Australia are pulling out all the stops to show off their kick-ass Windows Phones. In this video, sports fan Natasha is battling it out against Aussie Rules champ, Keiren Jack, as the two race to solve a series of clues using Nokia’s Here Maps on Lumia 920s, in the new web series, The Mission. This video is just episode one, though—you’ll have to check out the Nokia Australia Facebook page to see the grand finale…

Well, if those videos didn’t get you itching for a Lumia, what will? Tune in next week for more goodies, but in the meantime, let us know in the comments which of this week’s picks tickled your fancy!