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Last week, we caught up with adventurer extraordinaire Patrick Walsh.  This modern day Phileas Foggs has spent the last six years traveling the globe. During this time, the countries he’s visited may have regularly changed, but one thing has always stayed the same. His love of Nokia smartphones. In the second part of our interview with him, he shares more of his amazing smartphone photos and his reasons why he uses Nothing but a Nokia

1) Music

During long journeys, I like to switch off by listening to my favourite music as I look out the window, watching the world go by.  This used to consist of me downloading my music on to my Nokia before I went on a journey.  This was fine, but by the end of my trip, I was bored with all the songs. 



However, Nokia Music has been a total game changer in this regard.  I now have access to all music at all times and it is absolutely free.  I have to add that, no matter which Nokia I have been using, there has always been a great sound chip – allowing my varied taste in music to always sound great.

2) Durability

 When I was in Death Valley, USA: my Nokia didn’t overheat – it still worked.

When I was in the Amazon Rainforest: it endured the humidity – it still worked.

When I was in Antarctica: my Nokia didn’t freeze over – it still worked.

When it fell into the fine Sahara sand: the sand didn’t get inside – it still worked.

When I dropped in on the ground: the screen didn’t shatter – it still worked.

Photo 8 Dog


I think you know where I am going with this.  As Nokia devices have been designed to withstand the stresses of everyday life, they work when I need them to work.  They still work.


Maps, Transit and Drive.  These are the apps that I most rely on when in a foreign country.  HERE Maps and HERE Drive have been around for a while and they just keep getting better and more effective.  However, HERE Transit has now become the first app that I turn to as soon as my bus or train pulls into a new city. 

With a heavy pack on my back, in an unknown city, I need reliable information on the most effective route from the station to my hostel.  Using HERE Transit I know where to go, how to get there and how long it will take.  Not only does it offer turn-by-turn navigation, but it also recommends the most effective public travel combination.  The alternative used to be asking non-English speaking locals for directions. 

Photo 9 Hillside

 4)  City Lens

If the ‘God of Backpackers’ were to design an app for us then this would be it.  It covers everything that a Backpacker needs whilst in a new town or city. HERE City Lens has become my go-to app at the start of everyday when backpacking.  After breakfast, I ask myself “What should I do today?”  I turn on City Lens, hold up my Nokia and I get the answers. 

Not only does it show me the direction that I should walk, but it also tells me the distance, how long it will take and, by tapping the screen, I can find out all I need to know about my destination.  To the people that designed this app…  Thank You.

Photo 10 City


5) Professionalism

 When I go on a long journey, I cannot totally turn my back on my profession.  You see, I am a chartered accountant as well as a writer and blogger.  Therefore, it is important that I can get access to my clients and their documents no matter where I am.  Office for Windows Phone on my Nokia Lumia 920 allows me to do exactly that, whether I have to amend a PowerPoint presentation or review an Excel spreadsheet. 

In addition, I now have the capability in my hand to write chapters for my next book on a Word document whether I am sitting on a bus or on the beach.  I do not have to worry about the safety of these documents, as once I am finished I simply save them to the SkyDrive.  It is because of this level of professionalism that I am able to maintain my level of professionalism.

Photo 11 Windows


6) Safety

With my Nokia devices, everything that I need fits into my pocket.  For a backpacker, it does not get much better than that.  To have top quality equipment that I can easily conceal is something that all backpackers can appreciate. 

This allows me to enter and document life in areas of high crime and poverty without attracting the attention that having a DSLR around my neck and a laptop in my bag would attract.  Having a Nokia with enhanced photographic capabilities and worldwide connectivity in my pocket helps me to avoid drawing any unwanted attention and makes my trips much safer as a result.

…and one more thing:

7) Telephone

I almost forgot…  I can make and receive calls too… it started out as a phone, right?

Including the first part of his interview, Patrick lists twelve very good reasons why a Nokia smartphone should be the first thing you pack on a long trip. But are there more? if you think so, we’d love to hear yours in the comments below.