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If you’re anything like us, when you first got hold of your Nokia Lumia you fell head over heels in love. Whether it was the sleek design or the awesome camera, Nokia Music or the Windows Phone OS, or any one of a dozen other reasons, it made your heart beat faster.

Unsurprisingly, you’re not alone. A recent online survey conducted by Amplified Analytics, asked over 142,000 people in the US how satisfied they are with various smartphone brands. They found that Nokia Lumia owners are the happiest. And like all passionate people, we want to share our enthusiasm with others, right? Question is how? What are the best ways to spread the Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone love, so more can enjoy our fantastic experiences? 

Rate, review, read

We all know that apps help a smartphone ecosystem flourish. The better the apps the more likely people are to use them, share them and talk about them. So, when you find an app you love why not tell the developer by rating it and reviewing it. If you think it needs improvement tell the developer why. These guys and girls work hard to create amazing innovations. We should do all we can to support and encourage them.


Share your passion

Another easy way is to share your passion. When someone asks about your Nokia Lumia, rather than giving them a simple answer, ask them why they’re curious? Once you get them talking you’ll get the chance to showoff the features they’re most likely to enjoy and you can chat about the things you love most. A smartphone conversation win-win for both of you. 

Showcase your creativity 

Nokia’s the world’s largest manufacturer of digital cameras and it shows. Not only do Nokia Lumias’ have some of the best smartphone imaging tech on the planet, but some of the most original imaging apps too. So why not dazzle your friends and family with some low light photography action, a Cinemagraph or an incredibly smooth PureView video. We know from experience, it’s an easy way to wow.


Ask for apps

Windows Phone Store already has over 135 000 certified apps and games, but if there’s one you want that’s not currently on the Windows Phone platform, why not ask for it? Developers love to hear people’s opinions and most are really easy to get hold of. If enough people tweet or email or Facebook message a developer, they’ll know it’s worth their time and effort to work on a product version for us.

Use it to the max

By putting your Nokia Lumia though its paces you’re helping to improve software updates and the next generations of devices. Send Microsoft usage reports. Submit bug reports for any applications that have issues. Make use of the Nokia Feedback app. All this goes towards making the Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone experience better. 


These are some of the ways we’ve been sharing our love for the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone experience. But what about yours? If you’ve got an top tips to help our community grow even bigger and better, let us know down below.