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Having fun with your photos

The camera that comes with your Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 720, Lumia 800, or indeed any Lumia smartphone, does a fantastic job at capturing what’s important to you.

Whether that is something serious, something funny, or just something memorable, your Nokia Lumia is your go-to device for capturing your world. Windows Phone Store comes with a whole bunch of apps that make those moments even more treasurable.

Cinemagraph – Free

Exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphone owners, Cinemagraph creates wonderful photos with an added video element. What this means is that where most of the photo is still, another part – selected by you – continues to move and be animated.

It’s a perfect blend of still and animated in a single frame.

It can be quite tricky to achieve the perfect Cinemagraph but spending the time on it is totally worth the extra effort.

When you create a Cinemagraph you’ll need a very steady hand. You’ll also need to think ahead and decide what it is you want to animate, and what you want to freeze.

Once you’ve done that, editing the time sequence to have as few jumps as possible and making sure that everything that is supposed to be still, is still, will leave you with a perfect Cinemagraph.

Here’s one I made earlier:

If you make any, don’t forget to tweet them to @nokconv as we’re always on the look out for some spectacular Cinemagraphs – we’ll RT if we find a good one.

Face Swap – Free

Standing side by side with a friend or colleague, this app will show you what a lovechild between the two of you may look like. The results aren’t always flattering, but they are usually very funny.

There are some options available when it comes to picking faces. You can either use the camera, search through your photo gallery or search the web for images right from within the app.

The Web search is great if you don’t have any friends with you and you want to mix your face with that of a celeb.

Once you’ve done playing around with some faces, save it to your phone or send it to the Web using either, Twitter, Facebook, SkyDrive, or Sina Webo.

Here’s what Keanu Reeves and I would look like if our faces were merged. Keanu, if you’re reading, I apologise for ruining your face.


Create A Old – £1.29

What will you look like in 25 – or perhaps longer – years time? Instead of waiting that long to actually find out, this fun app adds years to you in an instant.

Load up the app and launch into the camera function to take a ‘selfie’, or press the switch icon to use the back facing camera to take a photo of someone else.

Take the shot and you’re just one click away from adding all those wrinkles, sun spots and grey skin we’re all trying to avoid.

You can also accessorise that old looking face with a hat, some facial hair and also some glasses.

Naturally, share it with all your friends for some extra laughs.



Glam Me – Free

Rather than make yourself look old and wrinkly, use Nokia Glam Me to do the complete opposite; make yourself look ten years younger.

This app removes all those wrinkles, whitens those teeth and does its best to make you look as if you’re at a glossy magazine photo shoot.

While some of the enhancements available tone your skin and enlarges your eyes, you can also add filters on top of that.

Create a sketch version of yourself, turn yourself into a watercolour or add a rain-drenched window to the foreground for something extra special.

Oh, and if you wanted to look as if you’d been to a magazine photo shoot? There’s a filter for that, too, placing words around your face in true Hollywood style.

Creative Studio – Free

Some photo-editing tools are in depth and offer hundreds of filters. Truth be told, you’re never going to use all of those filters.

Instead, Creative studio currently offers just nine filters that you can add to any existing photo you may have in your photo hub.

Once you’ve added a filter, you’re able to crop and rotate the image if you need to, as well as manually adjust the brightness, clarity, colour balance, and vibrance etc.

Then, as always, save it or share it with the wider world.



Whatever app you use you just need to have fun doing it.

What app is your favourite when it comes to editing and transforming? Let us know using the comments below.