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Taking Nokia Lumia to extremes

When you think of a Nokia, you think of craftsmanship. Nokia phones are tough and built to last, through wind, snow, rain or shine. While Nokia Lumia smartphones are designed to work in ‘normal’ conditions, they can also function when those conditions are a little more extreme; as the following evidence shows.


The Nokia Lumia 800 was the first in a long line of tough, durable Nokia Lumia smartphones.

To test just how tough it is, back in Feb 2012, NokNok stuck a Lumia 800 in a wind tunnel and cranked the dial up to MACH 5. For those not familiar with how fast that is, it is precisely 3,603 MPH – otherwise classed as hypersonic.

The results? A perfectly working Nokia Lumia 800 with no damage whatsoever.

Space – nearly

Recently, Nokia Turkey sent a Nokia Lumia 920 skywards 35,000 meters in order to test how – or if – a smartphone could be used at such high altitudes.

Not only did they send one Lumia 920 to the edge of space, but three, each one filming the journey up, followed by the inevitable fall downwards.

The height wasn’t the only thing to contend with, but also the incredibly low temperatures of -60.

Not only did the Nokia Lumia 920s survive the ascent, the subzero temperatures and the incredibly rapid decent, the video evidence proves how resilient the Nokia Lumia 920 really is.


While this Nokia Lumia 800 didn’t actually come into contact with any water, it still worked for up to five hours beneath the waves; fully-functioning the whole time.

It was used to take photos and record film at about 25 miles out to sea and a meter below.

It wasn’t subjected to the same direct physical tests as the phone phones above, but it still worked perfectly in an environment that it wasn’t meant to work in.

Have you used your Nokia Lumia in an unusual, or extreme environment? Have you filmed it? Use the comment section below to share them with us.

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