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May 3, 2013

A Day in the Life of Adventure Photographer Chris Burkard

The Surface team had the chance to spend the day with adventure photographer, Chris Burkard. He gave us a special inside look into what a typical day for him is like, and showed us how he stays connected and edits his photos while on the go using his Surface Pro. Chris is a California native who currently lives in San Luis Obispo. He’s been interested in photography ever since high school and strives to capture photos that take you right to the heart of the moment. You can visit Chris’ website, Chris Burkard Photo, and check out his Facebook Page to keep up with all that he’s doing. In the day we spent with Chris, we captured a really cool video of him using his Surface Pro and chatted with him a bit to learn more about how he’s using it.


How are you using your Surface Pro for your photography?

For my photography I can use it to display photos to clients in meetings and also use it as a substitute for my laptop on the road to answer client emails. I have also been able to get some editing done using the Surface Pro.

Which photo editing programs do you like to use on your Surface Pro?

I have mainly used Lightroom 4 on the Surface Pro, but have heard of people who really love the ability to use Photoshop on the tablet as well.

How has using Surface Pro helped your ability to edit your photos?

It has helped the range of places I can work on my editing. Before I would only edit when returning from a trip, but the tablet allows me to space some of this editing out more on the road and travels with me light and compact. That is a huge bonus as I like the travel as light as possible on trips.

What is it about Surface Pro that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the portability and ability to use it as a communication tool between clients and I whether it is emails or presentations or just pulling up images on the spot for them.

Favorite part of your job?

The favorite part of my job is probably visiting new untouched places or cultures that are foreign to me. Really being able to come back with stories about places I never dreamed I would be able to visit. I consider myself blessed to be able to see many unique places this world has to offer and it is always great to be able to capture those moments and inspire people to go and find these experiences for themselves.

Of all your work what is your most favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

That is a tough question. I love photographs for their visual aesthetic, but also connect with ones that have a great story behind them. I would say my shot that won the Red Bull Illume a few years ago was my favorite. The image was taken in Chile and was an image I had thought of in my head, but had no clue how lucky I would get. The weather that morning was horrendous and rain plagued most of the day. Not until that evening did it clear just enough to get a late surf in. The backwash of the wave jacked up perfectly for Peter Mendia to tuck into this perfectly lit barrel.

Watch our video with Chris and get a first-hand look at how he’s using his Surface Pro to click in and do more!