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Another week and loads more new and updated Windows Phone apps for us to enjoy. Events listings, fitness trainers, beer recommendations: this week’s crop is truly awesome! Check out our favourites below, and let us know in the comments which ones you preferred.

App title: Runtastic

What is it? A sport and fitness tracker.

Why we love it? It logs your workouts—and not just runs, but walking, biking, hiking, sailing and more, too. Pay for the PRO version and you can save routes, integrate the app with your music collection, have your heart-rate monitored, and get encouraging voice alerts mid-workout. There’s plenty of similar apps out there, sure, but this manages to be comprehensive without getting cluttered.

Who it’s perfect for: Gym and fitness fiends



App title: UK Rail Disruptions

What is it? Notifies you of major delays and disturbances on UK train lines.

Why we love it? By picking up the National Rail disruption notices, this app saves us having to check the website for problems on the line. You can also save your favourite stations to get alerts when they’reaffected. Should be perfect when the winter snow and slush hit the rails. It’s a nice clean interface, too.

Who it’s perfect for: Commuters

App title: Facebook Beta

What is it? The latest version of Facebook for Windows Phones

Why we love it? Sure, Facebook isn’t a new kid on the block, but the Beta app for Windows Phones has just released what we reckon is the best, most usable version we’ve yet see. It’s easier to navigate and easier to find your way back to the home screen. Beta versions often have glitches, but it’s worth the risk.

Who it’s perfect for: Social media addicts


App title: Events For Me

What is it? A personalised whats-on diary

Why we love it? Powered by Eventbrite (you’ll need to set up a free eventbrite account), this is a really comprehensive listings engine. Flick between events you’ve already booked through Eventbrite and a list of everything coming up locally over the next couple of days. Set your location manually, or get the app to make suggestions based on your current location, and make bookings directly through the app.

Who it’s perfect for:  Tourists, globetrotters, culture vultures

Events for Me


App title: Untappd

What is it? A social discovery and check-in app for quality beer

Why we love it? On the hunt for a decent pint? Well,  so are other Untappd users. Log your favourite drinking holes, real ales and organic ciders, and search for other people’s recommendations. Run local searches for awesome beers and pubs and message other users. We love the single-mindedness of this one. Warning: you have to be old enough to drink to use this app.

Who it’s perfect for: Beer aficionados and barflies