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With its PureView technology, the Nokia Lumia 920 leads the way when it comes to photography on a mobile phone. In fact, it’s the best smartphone camera in the world, and Nokia strapped the Lumia 920 to the helmets of a couple of extreme skateboarders to prove it.

Nokia joined the Red Bull Skate Generation tournament, in Florianopolis, South Brazil, to show off just how good its Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) technology actually is.

The event brings the best national and international professional skateboarders together, with skaters including Josh Rodriguez, Cristian Hosoi, Omar Hassan, Alex Sorgento, Rune Gilfberg and Raven Tershy.


A Nokia Lumia 920 was attached to the helmet of world champion Pedro Barros, and another to six-time winner of the Skateboarding World Cup, Sandro Dias, shooting some awe-inspiring footage of their skateboarding tricks in action.

In this case, actions speak a lot louder than words, so check out the videos below:

Sandro Dias

Pedro Barros

The skaters themselves were particularly pleased with the quality of the video, and they were both just as impressed when trying out the Lumia 920 itself.




A chance for visitors to join in

The skateboarding event also gave Nokia the opportunity to launch a competition for visitors. People passing by the halfpipe at event could shoot their own one-minute video, using another Nokia Lumia 920 attached to a helmet. The participants were competing for autographed helmets, with a Nokia Lumia 920 going to the winner. You can see the videos here in the ‘Skate Generation’ playlist.

Even now the event has finished you can still access all the latest news and features on extreme sports thanks to the World of Red Bull app, available for Nokia Lumia. The app includes the latest news from more than 400 athletes from Red Bull’s world, and you can also pin the app to your homescreen to get real-time updates.


Rubia is the editor of Nokia’s Brazilian blog.