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With integrated cameras and the ability to share photographs with social networks, Asha phones like the Nokia Asha 308 are capable of amazing things. For the past week I’ve been trying out the photo editing app on my Nokia Asha – read on to find out how to turn your snaps into something completely different.

There are a number of apps available for editing and sharing your photographs on the Nokia Store, but the most comprehensive app of all is already included on the Nokia Asha. The photo editor can make all sorts of changes to your images, from adding frames to cropping your photographs, and here’s how you can get the best out of it.

Open the gallery, and pick the photograph you want to edit. Tap the menu button, and then press ‘Edit photo’.


This will bring up a host of different features, including: Rotate and flip, Crop, Effects, Wrap, Frames, Clip art, Text, Bright and contrast, Auto enhancement and colour.  


While some of these features are self-explanatory – such as cropping, adding text and automatically enhancing the image – there are also lots of sub settings available in the photo editor.

Click on ‘Effects’, and you’ll be met with a host of different options, offering the ability to turn your snap into an oil painting, old photograph, blur, sharpen, solarise, grey or colour emboss, turn it into a sketch or switch it to black and white.


Just scrolling through the options automatically brings up the different results – so you don’t even need to waste time clicking options and then pressing back if you don’t like the changes.

Tapping ‘Warp’ lets you change the whole shape of your photograph, making it bulge in the middle, providing a swirl effect, stretching or squishing it. Once again, just scroll from left to right on the menu bar at the bottom and your image will switch through the options as you swipe.


Frames does exactly what it says on the tin, letting you frame your favourite images in a host of different styles. And those used to using Clip Art on other devices will be happy to see its inclusion here, letting you add artwork to your photographs, with everything from a pair of sunglasses to a sticking plaster on the list.


The best thing about the photo editing app is the fact it’s so easy to use; it’s incredibly intuitive. It’s quick, too, with images reacting instantly when you tap on the different features. All-in-all it means you can create some fantastic photographs, ideal for sharing on Facebook.