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In 2011, Nokia embarked upon a mission to bring affordable smartphone experiences to millions of people with the Nokia Asha family of devices. 

With today’s release of the Nokia Asha 501, Nokia is raising the bar once again for mobile phone design and experiences.

The Asha 501 has an innovative new user interface called Fastlane, which means that you are never more than a swipe away from the all things that you love doing the most.

Before you even get your hands on the Asha 501, you’ll see what else makes this phone stand out: the gorgeous design and the striking colours that it comes in.

The newest member of the Asha family comes in just two parts: the removable monobody and a hardened glass display. This means it is tough and durable.

It is compact, which makes it easy to use with one hand, and the industrial design is inspired by Nokia’s Lumia range of smartphones.

We think it looks gorgeous, but don’t take our word for it. Make up your own minds with our exclusive photos of the Nokia Asha 501.



Click through on each image to see a high resolution version.