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Lumia 620 Cyan AIO

Today we’re happy to announce that the colorful and critically acclaimed Nokia Lumia 620 is finally coming to the US. Available now on Aio Wireless, the Nokia Lumia 620 will bring a fully featured smartphone at a price that will be attractive to a whole new audience.

Compact and fun, the Nokia Lumia 620 takes advantage of a new ‘dual-shot’ technique to create a variety of interesting new colors and textures.

Dual Shot involves casting two layers of polycarbonate, a single base layer and a second color, in a transparent or translucent layer, to produce depth effects and secondary color blends. For example, yellow and cyan are combined to produce an exciting new lime green, our own favorite.

When you first buy your Nokia Lumia 620 it comes in cyan, but Aio customers can exchange their shell for violet, yellow or green for no extra charge at Aio retail stores.

While the Nokia Lumia 620 may look playful, it comes equipped with serious smartphone features that are sure to keep you connected while on the go.  The 3.8-inch screen comes with readability enhancements, meaning you can easily see the screen in bright sunlight.

Also, with a 5-megapixel camera that can shoot 720p HD video, the Nokia Lumia 620 will capture all of those summer memories. Built-in NFC makes for easy pairing with speakers such as the JBL PlayUp or the Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset.

Need to find your way to a new place this summer?  The Nokia Lumia 620 includes HERE Maps, HERE Drive+ and HERE City Lens that makes sure you can find your way and be a local when you get there with intel on all the great places to eat and be entertained.

Finally, this is Windows Phone 8, so the Nokia Lumia 620 comes with Live Tiles for updates direct to the Start Screen, People Hub for all your address books and social networks in one place, and a Me Tile to make it easy to post and track notifications across social networks. With Xbox Live, Microsoft Office, 7 gigabytes of SkyDrive storage and faster, safer surfing with Internet Explorer 10, it’s hard to know what to do first. 

The Nokia Lumia 620 is available now on Aio Wireless.