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(Cue the really deep movie announcer voice:) “In a world where there are simply not enough ways to record video with your smartphone … Comes an app so cool, and so clever, you just might think it is magic. Get ready for Vyclone! Available now for Nokia Lumia in the Windows Phone Store.”

Experience instant video mashups with Vyclone
Using the free Vyclone app, a single video is created based on the footage shot by multiple people at the same time from each of their smartphone cameras, such as at a rock concert. So instead of just your personal video showing one angle, the final production has clips of all of the footage captured by anyone else using Vyclone simultaneously, and shows the scene from multiple points of view (the more users, the better the results).



After shooting your own video – up to three minutes in length – you have the option to upload it to Vyclone. Depending on the length of your clip, and the nature of your web connection, the upload should be relatively quick. At that point, it will become available for public viewing, although there is the option to keep the video private, too.

Get ready to mix it up
Of course you can do stuff like share these movies via the usual social media channels, as well as comment on and “Like” the movies that have been created (look for the heart icon), but there’s one more thing that makes the app really sing. You can take one of the videos that have been uploaded to Vyclone, and “remix” it with your own choice of edits.


In other words, you take the work that has been produced, and give it your own spin selecting the portions of the clip that you like the best. You can do all of this via the app or the Vyclone website – and anyone who is watching the video has the option to make their own remix, too.

You’re going to have a lot of fun playing with this app – and making your own customized video mixes.

Vyclone is now available as a free download for Windows Phone 8-devices from Windows Phone Store.