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Mobile phones are changing the way that people get information, connect with each other and browse the Internet.

These three experiences lie at the heart of a stunning, affordable and full touchscreen smartphone, the new Nokia Asha 501.

The Asha 501 makes it easier and faster for you to do all the core things that you do with your phone every single day, such as checking social networks, listening to music and sending messages.

It runs on the new Asha platform and introduces a new feature called ‘Fastlane’, which gives you easy access to all your past, present and future activities with one simple swipe. 

Perfectly complementing the tremendous user experience is the industrial design of the Nokia Asha 501.

Peter Skillman, from Nokia Design, talks about some of these new features and the design approach for the Asha 501 in the video above.

Asha 501

Form and function

As well as being tough, these removable shells are colourful too. They can be replaced to give your Asha 501 a completely new look.

You can choose from cyan, yellow, bright red, bright green, plus the two neutral colours of black and white.

There’s also the close attention that has been paid to all aspects of the Asha 501, such as Nokia’s sound designers working with the Bratislava Orchestra on a ringtone.

All these little details, such as a glanceable clock on the lock screen and an alarm that tells you how much longer you’ve got to sleep, all demonstrate how much thought and care has been put into the Asha 501.