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Every week, dozens of new apps get released for Windows Phones, and dozens of our old favourites get revamped and updated. It’s hard to keep up with what’s new and what’s hot—but don’t worry! We’re here to help. Have a look at our top picks of the week—and don’t forget to add your favourites in the comments below…

App title: Ragdoll Run

What is it? A running, jumping platform game.

Why we love it? Run, leap and dart your way about a course that twists and flips with you, collecting coins and perfecting your free-running super-skillz. It’s simple and addictive and the little animated rag-dolls are super-cute.

Who it’s perfect for: Parkour fans and old-school gamers


App title: SophieLens for Nokia

What is it? A photo-filter app for your phone’s camera.

Why we love it? Choose from four different filter packs—Standard comes as free for everyone, Lomo is free for Lumia customers, and Vintage and Monochrome are unlocked for those who pay for the Pro version—and then pick which colour and flash effects you want to use to jazz up your photos. The preview function is dead handy, and we particularly love the hazy green glow of Lomo Afternoon. Simple and gorgeous.

Who it’s perfect for: Vintage photo fans


App title: TouchMountain

What is it? A tourist guide for hills and peaks.

Why we love it? Fancy a steep hike? This app uses your phone’s camera and on-board navigation kit to search and find mountains in your area. The viewfinder search uses the same type of augmented reality interface you might have seen in Nokia’s City Lens, but this time with added altitude! It’ll feed you stats like distance, height, weather info and live webcam feeds, if they’re out there. The app’s a little complex, but worth the effort and worth the money if you like the outdoor life.

Who it’s perfect for: Rock-climbers and hardcore walkers.


App title: YouTube

What is it? Finally! A native YouTube app for Windows 8 phones.

Why we love it? Bringing full YouTube functionality to Windows 8 phones (previous incarnations simply linked to the mobile website), this app will let you pin your favourite channels and videos and searches to Live Tiles. Even better, though, it’s integrated with the Kids Corner of your phone, so your kids should be safe while browsing.

Who it’s perfect for: Video lovers


App title: Foursquare

What is it? A social media exploration and discovery tool

Why we love it? Last but definitely not least: the latest Foursquare release for Windows phones has been brilliantly optimised for Lumia customers. It links up with the augmented reality tech that powers Nokia City Lens, so your phone’s viewfinder will ‘see’ nearby sites of interest. Check in, read other users’ tips, upload or view photos, pin venues to your Start Screen and get notifications on your Lock Screen. The interface is nifty—super-fast and easy to navigate. Thumbs up from us!

Who it’s perfect for: Urban explorers


Image credit: Leo Reynolds