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This has been a superb week for smartphone lovers on a budget, with the launch of the Nokia Asha 501. Beautifully designed, and powered by Nokia’s new proprietary Asha software platform, its smarter internet, dual SIM capability and 48 days of standby time are bound to be a winner. So to give people a closer look at this multicoloured marvel, we’ve rounded up five ultra-cool Nokia Asha 501 videos for you to enjoy.

A smartphone in “physical and digital harmony”

Did you know that soon more people will access the internet via a mobile phone than via any other device? Check out this video of Peter Skillman from the Nokia Design Team to get the whole scoop on how Nokia’s using the Asha 501 to help make everyday online browsing even more accessible. ‘There’s a physical and digital harmony at the heart of this phone,’ he says, and tells us how the design of the Asha has been inspired by the Lumia range. The video works like a tutorial, so if you want a speak preview of how the Asha 501 works, look no further.

A festival of smartphone fun

A hands-on by those tech aficionados  at CNET is always good value for money and this one by Andrew Hoyle is no different. Aimed at emerging markets like India and Latin America, he tells us, the Nokia Asha 501 might also be a nifty and sturdy option for festival goers. If you want a swift guide to how this new model differs from the most expensive smartphones on the market, this is the film for you.

 The world feels the need for speed

A stylish video montage showing the Asha 501 and the people that helped to make it. No techy detail, just kick-ass colourful phones and the ideas that inspired them. (Hint: speed is mentioned more than once.) There’s a strong focus here on Fastlane, the interactive second home-screen that pulls up all the user’s recent activities, making the Asha 501 one of the most personalised handsets out there.

 Nokia Asha 501 v Nokia N9

Here’s a quick yet thorough field test of the Nokia Asha 501, by smartphone maestro, Clinton Jeff of  He’s used the Nokia N9 for comparison purposes since both models use similar double-tap and swipe finger gestures to navigate the phones’ features. It’s an interesting demonstration of how a higher-end smartphone and a zippy new budget model look side-by-side, and, we’re pleased to say, the Nokia Asha 501 comes out glowing!

One swipe for everything

And, finally, but maybe most inspiringly, here’s the slickest presentation to date: Nokia’s tantalising teaser advertisement for the Nokia Asha 501. It looks mouth-wateringly good, with its vibrant cases and bright red headphones, and we get a glimpse of all the different functions – the music player, the text-message screen, the photo album, the Nokia Xpress Browser. If the other clips haven’t got you eager to play with a Nokia Asha 501, this oughta do the trick!


Five fantastic videos for a smartphone bound to make waves. If you’ve found any more clips worth a look, be sure to share in the comments below.