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Nokia Lumia 925

“The world’s most innovative smartphone just got better,” is what Jo Harlow said yesterday at the Lumia 925 launch. I was there, with a group of wonderful bloggers in attendance, all ready to soak up the information and get some hands-on experiences with the newest member of the Lumia family.

First up we have a comparison from Clinton Jeff from unleashthephones. Here CJ compares the low light imaging capabilities of the new Nokia Lumia 925 vs. the HTC One.

Naturally, you’ll want to know what the device is like in-hand. So take a look at what Nirave from ukmobilereview has to say on the matter. Nirave reckons ‘Nokia have done fantastically to offer an improved Lumia 920 and remove a chunk of the bulk and weight.’

Nokia Lumia 925

For a side-by-side comparison to the Lumia 920, head over to Jay’s post on mynokiablog, where he has done just that, saying ‘The Nokia Lumia 925 felt noticeably lighter and the slimmer frame made it somewhat nicer to hold in the hand,’ though admittedly he says it boils down to personal preference.

If video is your thing Tomi aka gadgetsboy is on the case with his own hands-on. Pay attention to what he says about its low light capabilities if you were ever in doubt.

But what if you want to see all of the colours in the range of the Lumia 925? No worries! Sam J Pullen has got that under control and according him, they’re ‘absolutely gorgeous,’ especially the black version.

Finally we can take a look at Smart Camera on the Lumia 925. Mark Guim of thenokiablog caught up with one of the reps (sorry, didn’t catch your name in the video!) at the event and recorded this perfect demonstration.

So, what are your first reactions to the Lumia 925, do you share the same views as the guys above? Drop your first impressions into the comments section or reach out on Twitter. And please ask if you have any questions about the phone!

image credit: ukmobilereview