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Nokia’s Asha range offers a vast array of choice when it comes to styles, colours, form factors and features, making it possible to find a model that suits you down to the ground. Thanks to the ability to download and install custom themes, it’s easy to change the look of your Nokia as well.

Just follow these steps:

Integrated themes

There are two ways of changing the themes on your Nokia Asha, and the easiest way is to start with the ones already provided on the phone itself.


My Nokia Asha 308 has two different themes as standard: Pink and default, and changing between them changes all the menu colours, font colours, and gives the phone a completely fresh look.


Click ‘Settings’ to get started, and then tap ‘Themes’. Once you’ve done that, click ‘Select Theme’. All you need to do then is click the one you want to use and press ‘accept’ when asked if you’re sure. And that’s it – enjoy the new look.

Nokia store themes 

Themes can change more than just the colours on your Nokia Asha though. Download a theme from the Nokia Store, and you can also change the icons, along with the image that shows when you lock the device, giving your Nokia Asha a completely bespoke look.


To get the latest themes, open the Nokia Store and search for themes. There are loads of different options available for phones like the Nokia Asha 308 – both paid for and free – and it’s amazing how much a new theme can change the look of your handset.

Once you’ve downloaded the one you want, just head back to settings and themes, and your latest downloads will be in the ‘Select theme’ folder, ready and waiting to be put on display.