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Stereotypes and clichés might tell us that tech is the geeky stronghold of men, but cold hard facts say otherwise: in 2012, data from Neilson found that 50.9% of women in the US own smartphones, compared to 50.1% of men, and equivalent research by OgilvyAction in the UK found that 56% of women own a smartphone, compared to 51% of men.

So the mobile market isn’t all boys’ toys, and phones like Nokia’s Lumia 620 have huge cross-gender appeal. So why do the ladies love the Nokia Lumia 620?

1. Better for bargain hunting

The OgilvyAction report found that women are more likely to use their phones for more than just calls: one in six of those surveyed had bought something on their mobile, opposed to one in nine men. The Nokia Lumia 620 uses the Windows Store, which hosts hundreds of shopping apps from Amazon, eBay and Ocado on The Go, to deals and vouchers apps like Groupon. A shopper’s paradise!


2. Cooler with colour

Nikki Barton, Vice President of User Experience Design for Smart Devices at Nokia, points out that women make up a market share greater than China and India combined – and that one thing constantly demanded by that market is a selection of different colours. The Nokia Lumia 620 hits that button: it comes in six different hues, and the dual-shot shells lets your phone wear two colours at once for a unique layered effect.


3. Super for social

The International Data Corporation released a global study that showed that young women are driving social digital behaviours worldwide – that is, females aged 25-39 are more likely to use social media and content sharing online than other demographic sectors. Not only is the Nokia Lumia 620 very well-connected, with integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype apps, the ‘Me Tile’ lets you post a Facebook status without  actually entering the app, and the People Hub gives you a useful snapshot of everything your friends have been up to on social media.


4. Handier for health

The Pew Research Centre in California claims that 33% of female smartphone owners (as opposed to 29% of male users) use their mobiles to look up health information. Well, again, the Nokia Lumia 620 scores highly on the health app front: the Windows Store is particularly handy for fertility tracking apps and contraction calculators. Definitely a man-free zone…

5. Optimised for organising 

Back to Nikki Barton, who claims that women, rather than being concerned with stats about processor speed and power, see their phones as accessories that make it easier to manage their lives – to keep schedules, find directions and edit documents. No wonder the Nokia Lumia 620 is a hit: it comes with Microsoft Office, and HERE Drive, Maps, Transit and CityLens are all bundled. SkyDrive provides cloud storage for documents and notes, and handy Agenda and To-Do functions integrate with the native calendar. You couldn’t be more organised if you tried…


6. Crafted for convenience

Just like men, women want their smartphones to be light and portable, with screen-size maximised. And the Nokia Lumia 620 delivers. At just 11mm thick, weighing 127g, and with a screen display size of 3.8 inches, it’s light without being too flimsy, and the screen is the perfect size for on-the-go browsing. Plus, it’s got excellent outdoors visibility, which is good news for female (and male!) photographers. Top marks!

Nokia Lumia 620

Those are our six super reasons why ladies should check out the Nokia Lumia 620, but what about yours? As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.