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There are loads of different ways you customise your Nokia Asha, and few are more personal than the ringtone you use. There’s no need to stick to the tones provided on the phone either, with the ability to turn your own digital music collection into ringtones. Here’s how:



Start by finding the music file you want to use as a ring tone. It’s easy to send music files to devices like the Nokia Asha 308 using Bluetooth, or you can also add tracks by dragging and dropping onto the microSD card.



Once you’ve located the file you want to use, tap it and hold down until a menu pops up. Then tap ‘Use Tone’, and ‘Set as Ringtone’.



You’ll then be given the following option:



If you want a specific part of a song to ring, click ‘Yes’. If you want the song to begin at the beginning, and continue through as people ring, click ‘No’. Bear in mind that some songs start off particularly quiet though, so you may not notice your Nokia Asha ringing until it’s too late.

 If you click ‘No’ then that’s it – you’re done! The next time somebody rings, you’ll have your new custom ringtone.



If you click ‘Yes’, you’ll be able to set a start and end point, simply by dragging two lines to the points of the song you’re happy with. Click the tick at the top right of the screen when you’re finished, and once again you’ll have the perfect ring tone.