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Mass Effect: Infiltrator available on Nokia Lumia

The hugely popular Mass Effect gaming franchise on the Xbox 360 has so far survived 3 episodes. Now, the latest version, Mass Effect: Infiltrator comes exclusively to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Get your game on!

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

[do action=”boxout”]Download Mass Effect: Infiltrator

  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the application from the Windows Phone Store[/do]

As any Mass Effect fan will know, Commander Shepard is a busy man (or woman). He flies around the galaxy, saving planets and so forth. Very time-consuming, and dangerous to boot.

This new version of Mass Effect sees you take control of a veteran Cerberus agent named Randall Ezno.

After a career in alien trafficking, for the purpose of illicit experiments, Randall decides it’s time to terminate his employment with Cerberus, and go rogue!

Looking slightly like an older, yet souped-up, version of the ‘Illusive Man‘, Randall needs to escape the Cerberus base, and there’s only one way to do it. Shoot your way out.

As with any Mass Effect game, we’re not just talking about guns and bullets, we’re also talking about using biotic powers, stealth cloaks and of course good old fashioned fist-to-face action – if you can get close enough to the enemy, that is.



As you progress through the game, you’ll have the ability to upgrade your weapons and armour. We recommend you take advantage of that and upgrade as quickly as possible in order to overcome your enemy.


When you launch Mass Effect: Infiltrator you’ll notice there’s a remarkable similarity between this and the Xbox version. Mass Effect was such an epic game on the console that it’s just wonderful to see a similar experience on a mobile device.

Part of the game description over at Windows Phone Store says this:

“Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Windows Phone gameplay.”

Grab you Nokia Lumia and download Mass Effect: Infiltrator today.