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Nokia Music with Mix Radio launches on Nokia Asha in Russia

Nokia Asha owners will be able to enjoy the same music experience as Lumia owners, as Nokia Music with Mix Radio comes to Asha Touch smartphones for the very first time – starting in Russia.

Jyrki Rosenberg, Nokia’s Vice President of Entertainment, tells us why now is the perfect time to bring Nokia Music to Asha.

“We’ve had really positive feedback from users of Nokia Music on Lumia smartphones and we wanted more people to have access to this innovative, free music service. There’s nothing quite like it for phones in this price range and I believe it will change the way many people listen to music in Russia.”

To date, Nokia Music has a library of 24 million tracks, globally, each one just a tap away on your Nokia Lumia or Asha smartphone.


With Nokia Music comes Mix Radio, a service that delivers free personalised music from different genres or categories, with each Mix curated by Nokia’s Musicologists. With more than 100 different channels available, refreshed weekly, you’ll always find something new, fresh and exciting to listen to.

Nokia Music on Asha has been optimised to be used over many types of connection, including 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi for either streaming or download. While Mix Radio is free, your network operator may charge you for data transfers.

When you find a Mix that you like, you can stream it from Nokia Music or download it and listen to it offline. Storing Mixes offline is perfect when travelling and your music will continue to play if you encounter network ‘not-spots’ or when network usage is restricted; on an airplane, for example.

Up-to four Mixes can be stored on your phone at any one time, each containing hours of music. If you already have four Mixes and want to add another, you can conveniently replace a previously saved Mix.


In addition to Mixes curated by the Nokia Musicologists, you can also create your own Mixes. Just type in up to three of your favourite artists and you’ll be presented with a Mix based on, and including, those artists.

“Nokia Music with Mix Radio allows people to create music playlists right from their phone, without the need to access a computer. It’s a mobile-first music experience.” says Jyrki.

Nokia Music will only be available on new Nokia Asha Touch smartphones, which include: the Asha 305, 306 308, 309, 310 and 311 over the next few weeks, with the rollout beginning in Russia. Information about further rollouts will be shared in due course.