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With the summer creeping up on us, it’s time to dig out your camping gear and get ready for a host of great music festivals. Before you pack the sleeping bag, make sure your Nokia Lumia is the first item you throw in your bag, as it can help you to have the best weekend ever. Here are some of the must-have apps and features to help you survive a festival.


Sports Tracker


At the bigger festivals, there are hundreds of acres, tens of different camp sites and over one hundred thousand visitors, so finding the way back to your tent can be a nightmare. Sports Tracker takes all the guesswork out of camping, thanks to the ability to track your exact route. Start the route when you leave your tent and head towards different stages, and Sports Tracker will be able to direct you straight back to your tent at the end of the night.




Your Nokia Lumia already has a world-beating camera built into it, and it means you’ll always be able to capture the action wherever you are. It also means you’ll be able to share photographs and videos of your favourite bands by Facebook and Twitter, so your friends and family back home can share in the fun.




This handy app means you’ll be able to relive songs when you head back to camp, or even when you get home, recording all the music as it happens. It’s free to download, and it’s also incredibly easy to use.




If you’ve ever been camping at a festival, you’ll be used to people blundering around in the dark, tripping over guide ropes and generally causing carnage. It’s easy to avoid thanks to an app called Flashlight-X, which turns the flash on your Nokia Lumia into a torch. With a big on-off button in the centre of the screen, it’s quick and simple, and it could help to stop you falling over during the weekend.




Festivals like Reading are close enough to the town centre that civilisation is just a short walk away. With HERE Maps you’ll be able to find the way to nearby shops, places to eat, and places to drink. It will also come in handy for finding bank machines if you don’t want to keep lots of money on you.




AccuWeather is well worth having in the run up to a festival, as it will help you to decide what gear you need to pack. You’ll also be able to use the app while you’re actually enjoying the festival too, working out whether you’ll need a sun hat or a rain mac when you leave the tent each day.


Internet Explorer


There’s no doubt that all the apps here will make a massive difference to your festival experience, but having the ability to browse the internet could prove priceless. If you lose track of when particular bands are playing, it’s easy to look up on your Lumia, and if you want to know what’s happening the next day, again you can search on the web.




Festivals are all about finding end enjoying new music, but remembering which bands you like afterwards can be tricky. OneNote makes it easy to write down the bands you love, the name of any songs you like, or any other details from the weekend.