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Nokia Lumia 928

The brand new Nokia Lumia 928, our flagship phone on Verizon Wireless in the United States, is now in the hands of reviewers. With its sleek look, PureView camera with xenon flash, and Verizon’s super fast 4G LTE network, the Nokia Lumia 928 has a lot to offer.

We wanted to check in and see what the pundits are saying about the Nokia Lumia 928.

Laptop Mag

The 928’s 4.5-inch, 1280 x 768 AMOLED display delivered a cornucopia of vivid color coupled with superb contrast. Text on and Clutch Magazine remained sharp even when zoomed in.


With flat sides, 90-degree corners, and a slick, lightly curved back, Nokia’s white 928 still feels good in the palm while giving your fingers a solid, grippable edge.

Nokia Lumia 928 Wireless Charging


The Nokia Lumia 928 has an 8.7 megapixel camera with Pureview technology for better low light photos. The night photos are really amazing even without flash. Thanks to the Optical Image Stabilization on the Lumia 928, it can allow longer shutter time, which brightens up the photo.


The rear speaker is located on the curved part of the back and it performs very well for a smartphone speaker. There are multiple microphones on the 928 and audio quality captured during video recording is awesome.

Phone Arena

Being a Nokia Windows Phone, though, the Lumia 928 gets treated to the numerous Nokia branded apps that other Windows Phones from other manufacturers don’t see. Quite frankly, these apps drastically enhance the functionality of the smartphone to propel it over other Windows Phone from say, HTC and Samsung, that are on Big Red’s lineup.

Phone Scoop

The 928 did particularly well on Verizon’s LTE network. It remained attached to 4G the entire time I tested it. The 928 never dipped down to Verizon’s EVDO 3G network (for data.) All of the voice calls I made connected on the first attempt. The 928 didn’t miss any calls and didn’t drop any while I used it. With a constant LTE connection, the data speeds were always good, which meant browsing the web and updating web-connected apps was a good experience throughout.

Nokia Lumia 928 back on black


The Lumia 920 — and the Lumia 928 — already excel in low light without a flash, but the new xenon flash is remarkable because it illuminates subjects in a more natural way. The photos I took on the Lumia 928 could easily rival a $300 pocket camera with a fixed lens.

PC Mag

This is a great phone if you like to talk. Incoming calls get very loud and sound clear, with a real richness and warmth. The same goes for calls made with the phone, which were easy to hear even when made from an area with lots of construction noise in the background.

The Verge

Nokia has swapped out its LCD display from the Lumia 920 for an OLED version on the 928. The colors pop, viewing angles are fairly decent, and there’s the usual array of software improvements for daylight use. I also got a chance to try out the xenon flash, and it illuminates very brightly to fill a dark space with light.

Popular Mechanics

The Windows Phone 8 operating system has the now-familiar bright and animated Live Tiles, with some notable software additions from Nokia when it comes to navigation, mapping, and photography. Nokia’s Here Maps, for instance, integrates floor plans within buildings in major metropolitan shopping districts.

This is just some of the quotes from the tech pundits about the Nokia Lumia 928. What do you think of the newest Lumia to hit store shelves in the United States?

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