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Search for Nokia Lumia online and you’ll be overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of results. A tidy number of these are brilliant websites jam packed with news, reviews and opinion about the world’s most innovative family of phones. However,  you probably haven’t got time to check through them all, so we’ve unearthed five sites that every Nokia Lumia lover should know about. comparison page

First up, As you’d expect there’s a ton of interesting stuff to be found on Nokia’s own site, but what makes its truly unique is the comparison tool. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering which Nokia Lumia is best for you, this website is ideal for helping to make the right choice. You can compare up to three different Nokia Lumia in ten different categories, including design, photography and hardware.


Next up, billed as a new approach to mobile apps search, it’s a fantastic way to find apps if you’ve switched from another operating platform. All you do is type in your region and the name of the app you’re looking for and it will showcase which app is either the same or most similar. Priceless!


Windows Phone Central forums

Thirdly, we’re taking our hats off to Windows Phone Central forums, probably the most extensive Windows Phone community site on the web. Not only does it have a tons of forums, including news and discussion, but Nokia Lumia specific phone forums too. Add to that the Stuff for your phone and Developer’s Corner sections and you’ve got everything any Lumia lover could ask for.


My Nokia Blog

Happily, there’s tons of fantastic Nokia blogs. But if there’s only one you should keep tabs on it’s got to be the big daddy of them all, My Nokia Blog. Set up by smartphone maestro Jay Montano in the mid 2000s, it is the perfect one stop shop for people to keep up to date with what’s happening Lumia-wise across the web.


Nokia Support Discussions

Whether you’re an old hand or a new Nokia Lumia lover, you might find yourself needing some help sometime. If so, one fantastic place to head to is Nokia Support Discussions. Here you’ll find questions on every conceivable topic being answered by a crack team of volunteer Nokia masterminds and Nokia employees. And if you can’t find the relevant topic, you can start your own. Simple as one, two, Lumia!

With these five sites bookedmarked you’ll have a wealth of Nokia Lumia knowledge and expertise at your fingertips. Of course there are loads more Lumia focused sites out there, question is which ones do you think everyone should know about?

Image credit: balleyne