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Photo Puzzle

We haven’t had an Asha App Spotlight for a few weeks now because we’ve been busy telling you about all the great devices that we have launched in the last month or so.

(If you’ve been away, you’ve missed the Nokia Asha 210, Asha 501, Lumia 928 and Lumia 925 but don’t worry, click through on their names to catch up.)

For this week, at least, we’re back and we return with something a bit special. We like imaging apps and we like puzzles, so imagine what crazy fun we could have with a combination of the two? 

Prepare yourselves for the magnificence that is: Photo Puzzle Free

Photo Puzzle Free

The premise behind the app is simple: a jigsaw puzzle is created from an image, which you then have to solve.

Photo Puzzle

You can choose any image from your gallery, take a new image with the camera or use the default image (it’s a motorcycle) that comes with the app.

You can play Photo Puzzle with any sort of image you like but I think it works best with portraits and people.

Seeing a familiar face all jumbled up can be disconcerting and very funny. You may even notice tiny features of your close friends and family that you had never seen before!

Photo Puzzle is an inventive use of your Asha’s camera and the app will provide a lot of fun for all the family. Whenever you like, you can tap the ‘Image’ button to see the photo, as it should be. Tap ‘back’ to return to the puzzle layout.

If you think a nine-piece jigsaw is easy, you can also create puzzles with 16 or 25 pieces.