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It’s no secret that the Nokia Lumia 925 is a fantastic addition to the Nokia Lumia range: it’s stylish, fast, and well-connected for business and personal users alike. But that’s not all: it’s also the ideal accessory for live music lovers. What? Take a brand new smartphone to a gig? Exactly! Read on and we’ll tell you why you’d be mad to leave home without it.

Dance proof

First up, your Nokia Lumia 925 can look after itself on the dance floor. It might be pretty, but it’s no dainty wallflower. Its unique aluminium and polycarbonate frame makes it as robust as a bouncer. It’s got torsional strength that no plastic frame alone could match, but it’s still light (139g) enough and skinny (8.5mm) enough to slip neatly into your pocket.

Nokia Lumia 925

And as for accidental damage to the screen, just in case it should fall: don’t worry! The Nokia Lumia 925 has a screen made from Gorilla Glass 2, an impressively scratch-resistant material that withstands greater compression than regular glass, meaning it’s a lot less likely to come to harm. So get grooving!

Video magic

Second, if you, like us, want to record parts of the gig for posterity—so you can get moshing again in your living room, or make all your social media buddies jealous—then the Nokia Lumia 925 is your best friend. Its video recording capabilities are superbly suited to live music environments because of its outstanding optical image stabilization—technology that had built upon the already fantastic performances of the Nokia Lumia 920. This means you can get jostled by the crowd, but it won’t ruin your video—your phone can override the judders.

Photo fantastic

While gigs often feature jawdropping visual effects,  light-shows and laser displays, they’re not usually lit with photography in mind—particularly if you’re at a small, dim, indoor venue, and most especially when flash photography isn’t allowed. But photographic evidence is half the fun! How else to prove you got right up next to the stage, within spitting distance of your favourite rock-star?


Never fear: the Nokia Lumia 925 is at your service! The tech behind the phones PureView Lens uses a whole new generation of image processing software that makes the low-light performance of the Lumia 925 something at which to marvel. The effective ISO of its camera clocks in at 3200—a huge increase on the 800 of previous Lumia models—so that the resulting shots, even in bad lighting, are clear, bright and sharp. If you can see it, your phone can see it.

Gig Finder

We’re sure we’ve convinced you by now, but perhaps you’re searching for a gig in order to put your Nokia Lumia 925 through its paces? Never fear: Nokia can help you out here, too. Nokia Music, a free service that comes bundled with your Lumia phone, includes an impressive Gig Finder feature.

This app uses your location to find music events, listing them in order of date and proximity. You can then use your Lumia’s HERE Maps function to find the venue and get directions. Pretty useful, eh? Once you’ve been to the gig, recorded the set and taken your pics, don’t forget to head back to Nokia Music to buy the album, or to Nokia Mix Radio to download a free new compilation of top new tunes to get inspiration for your next outing. Music on your smartphone will never be the same again.

 So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and get thee to a live music venue! And if you do, we’d love to hear about your Nokia Lumia 925 gig triumphs.

Image credit: Edward Langley