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The Nokia Lumia 925 was launched a couple of weeks ago, and this month it will be available for sale, first in Europe, followed by China and other countries.

We’d like to answer your questions about the phone, and have extracted a promise from product manager Arja-Liisa Heikkilä that she’ll answer your questions right here on Conversations.

So today, leave your questions in the comments. We’ll get you the answers and publish them in a follow-up post very soon.

Let’s get started

To get started, and save repetition, here are a few we gathered from the Lumia 925’s launch.

• What sort of glass is used for top cover of the camera lens?

• Why only a dual-core processor?

• Does the Lumia 925 come with microphones that support HAAC recording?

• I have suffered with getting dust under the screen with other smartphones. Will this happen with the Nokia Lumia 925?

There are some questions we can’t answer. This is either because we don’t have the answer at the moment, or because doing so is against company policy:

• When will it be available in [country]? These timings are revealed country by country closer to availability and are often  beyond our control.

• Will the Nokia Lumia 925 come out with [undisclosed feature/colour]? We can’t answer questions about unannounced products, colours or features.

• Is it better than the [competitor’s device]? Of course, the answer is ‘yes’, in our opinion. But it would be more credible for you to seek the answers from third-party reviewers or test it out yourself.

So, bearing those things in mind, ask away!