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It’s been another action packed seven days for us Nokia Lumia lovers, with tons of cool videos released on the interwebz. But rather than you wade through what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve done it for you. So, sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy this week’s coolest Lumia-tastic video treats.

Clash of the titans: Nokia Lumia 920 v Lumia 928

First up, a great video for anyone looking to get their hands on Verizon’s flagship Window’s Phone, the one and only Nokia Lumia 928.  The main man at Pocketnow, Michael Fisher, decided to do one of his fantastic comparison videos, this time pitching the 928 against its sibling the Nokia Lumia 920. It you want to get a great overview of how they differ press play.

The Nokia Lumia 925: A really super smartphone

You’ve probably heard that the Nokia Lumia 925 and Superman are now officially a match made in Krypton. Hardly surprising then that Superman’s super smartphone pops up in the latest trailer for the Man of Steel movie. See if you can spot it looking very indestructible amidst the earth shattering action.

Action Lens for action men and women 

One Nokia Lumia 925 feature that everyone’s itching to test out is the Actions Lens. This handy new camera software feature gives you tons of cool, simple to use, options that can transform your photos in a tick. To see for yourself check out this  useful video from My Nokia Blog showing the Action Lens in…well, action.  

Getting down and dirty with J-Lo

Not often we get the chance to showcase Jennifer Lopez’s moves in a Nokia Conversations blog post, so when we do we grab it with both hands. We all know J-Lo is a total fashion diva, admired for her stunning stye. However, the opening scenes of her latest music video shows she’s not only got impeccable taste in clothes.

24 hour low-light party people 

To keep things kicking, our final video of the week follows the hardworking DJ Lazy Rich. This Brit music maestro is one of those guys who’s job basically involves constant partying, all night long. No surprise then that to record his nocturnal adventures, he relies on the world’s finest low light camera smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 925. 

That’s this weeks fab five. An eclectic mix of super and sizzling, low light and high fashion as well as top, top tech. All worthy of a watch, but which does the business best for you? Let us know down below.