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Nokia Asha 501

Gadget lovers can be a fickle bunch. When mobile phones first came out they were huge, so over the next few years people wanted them to be as small as possible.

More recently, with the rise of the touchscreen smartphone, the trend has been for larger devices. We’ve even seen the creation of a new category, the ‘phablet.’

However, are there now signs that the momentum is starting to swing back towards smaller devices?

The small and beautiful Nokia Asha 501

Underlining that smaller can be more beautiful is the Nokia Asha 501. This is an affordable and compact smartphone that punches well above its size.

It measures less than 10cm in length and under 6cm in width. To put that into perspective, it’s much smaller than a normal-sized pack of playing cards.

The Asha 501 still packs a 3-inch touchscreen but fits easily in your hand and comfortably into the tightest of pockets.

I’ve found that using the Nokia Asha 501 has been a breath of fresh air. Particularly, if you own a tablet already, then I think having a smaller phone makes a lot of sense.


Nokia, of course, has a device to suit everyone’s preferences. Within its Nokia Lumia family there are screen sizes ranging from the 3.8-inch display of the Lumia 620 to the 4.5-inch display on the new Lumia 925.

Putting aside everything else, such as operating systems and other specifications, we’d like to know what size you prefer for a phone. 

Vote in our fun and informal poll.

Remember we want you to vote based purely on your preference on size and nothing else.

Even when you’re just considering the size, we know that it’s still a nuanced and complex decision so remember you can share your thoughts in the comments below.