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Now that summer’s really taking hold, we’re sure you’d rather be hitting the beach than digging through the Windows Phone Store every day on the hunt for the best new and updated apps. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you: scroll down now to read about our top five finds of the past seven days: the best new or updated apps that we uncovered, just for you.

App title: Twitter

What is it? A great new update for the original Twitter

Why we love it?

There’s a ton of Twitter clients for your Nokia Lumia, but we’re very happy to see a new update for the original Twitter app. Aimed very clearly at photographers, the new features include artistic filters, Lens app integration and the ability to play Vine clips directly within tweets. Sharing pics is super simple. Just tap the camera icon to capture an image from your phone’s viewfinder, or pull in a shot from your Camera Roll.

Who it’s perfect for: Twitter-holics and social sharing photographers


App title: UTrailMe

What is it? Live video streaming from your phone

Why we love it? It makes recording and sharing live video via social media as easy as sharing your photos.  If you’re worried about your data allowance, it’s okay: you can change the video quality, and you can always record offline and share later. The app posts a link to your live stream to the social media platform of your choice (Twitter, Facebook and and viewers simply click to see exactly what you’re seeing.

Who it’s perfect for: Anyone who just can’t make that special occasion, or sports or music fans.


App title: Counters

What is it? A counting app!

Why we love it? We love how simple and yet how useful this app is. There are three modes: a basic counter that you set and change manually for keeping track of, for instance, how many wedding guests have RSVPed, and a ‘X days since’ mode and an ‘X days until’ mode, both of which can be customised and set to update automatically as Live Tiles so you don’t have to launch the app to know your totals. The interface is really lovely, too: very simple and easy to understand. Top marks!

Who it’s perfect for: Events planners, or very impatient people.



App title: Adobe Reader

What is it? The original PDF reader we all know and love

Why we love it? It’s a simple app that does no more nor less than you’d expect—it opens files and supports copy and paste, search and zoom fuctions. But this is the first time Adobe have released the Reader for Windows 8 phones, and as much as we like Microsoft’s PDF Reader (particularly with its SkyDrive integration), it’s always good to have options.

Who it’s perfect for: workaholics


App title: Nokia Music

What is it? Your bundled music one-stop-shop for Nokia Lumia customers

Why we love it? We’ve always loved Nokia Music (of course!) but this new update really is worth reporting: as well as continuing to give you access to the free Mix Radio and location-based Gig Finder services, many users will now be able to access Nokia Music+ for a small monthly fee. This lets you skip more tracks on Mix Radio, download more Mixes, play higher quality audio and listen to Mix Radio on your computer’s browser.  The app also now scans the personal music collection that you’ve up- or downloaded to your phone so it can update your music profile.

Who it’s perfect for:  music fans


That’s this week’s fab five, but we know there’s a ton more cracking apps out more.  If you’ve discovered one, please share it with the rest of us in the comments below.

Image credit: Independentman