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Last week saw the arrival of the latest update to Nokia Music and with it comes a great new feature that will bring that extra spark to your music profile on your Lumia.

The trail-blazing service and its Bristol Musicologists were recently cited as a key disruption in the music industry by experts MusicAlly. So we had a quick chat with Daniel Roberts and Martin Banham, two of the guys behind Nokia Music, to find out more.

“Providing an easy to use music streaming service was just a starting point. Nokia Music is now like a VIP lounge for music users. We listen to what they need and change accordingly.”

Nokia Music can intelligently assess people’s music preferences and past listening history to build up a profile of their likes and dislikes with minimal effort on the user’s part.  The latest version now allows users to scan the music collection directly on their Nokia Lumia smartphone to create or update their music profile. There is also a separate scanner application which allows users to update their music profile by scanning the collection on their PC or Mac.

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The music profile will work across different Windows platforms, from Windows Phone to Windows 8 and the web store- so you can build up a profile in your Nokia Music account and access it anywhere you want.

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“We want to make music discovery and playback as personalised and intuitive as possible. Personalisation is a key part of our road map and we are currently developing contextualized experiences based on each user’s unique taste in music. We’re really excited about this.”

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Platform support & availability

Nokia with Windows Phone 8.

Roll-out countries

V3.10 of the application will be made available to all existing countries.


50 languages


So what did the guys think of the recognition of their hard work by MusicAlly?

“We’ve been getting fantastic reviews from the media ever since we launched the service, which is always nice to see. I remember when the Daily Star newspaper here in the UK reviewed Nokia Music and said  ‘Sorry Apple, looks like iTunes has some serious catching up to do!’ There were a lot of happy faces around the office that week. But yes, the MusicAlly report showed that we’re building something special. The most important thing though is the users, who seem to love it even more.”

Nokia Music+ users will now also be able to pay for their subscription using their operator bill. Operator billing will make the whole Nokia Music experience even easier to access and enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Start scanning your music collection for a proper personalised music service and get the music you want to listen to. All killer; no filler.

 image credit: JD Hancock

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