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Phones like the Nokia Asha 308 have the ability to store a staggering amount of data – from your valued photographs, to personal phone numbers, to videos and music files. It means you stand to lose a lot more if you ever lose your phone, however, so it’s vital that you back up your files. Read on to find out how.



Click on Settings, and scroll down to Sync & Backup. Click on ‘Create Backup’, and you’ll get the following message:



With this in mind, it’s also worth making sure your Nokia Asha has plenty of battery life before you start.



You’ll be able to back up a range of different files, ticking the options you want to save, including: Settings, Contacts, Messages, Bookmarks, Calendar, Files and Apps & Games. 



When you’ve selected the types of files you want to backup, click the tick at the top right corner of your Nokia Asha’s screen. This will create a backup that’s stored on your microSD memory card.

If you’re not saving files to a spare memory card, it makes sense to copy your backup to a computer. To do this, connect a USB cable and tap ‘Mass Storage’ on your Nokia Asha. The memory card will then appear as a folder on your computer – open it and copy the ‘Backup files’ folder.



Your files are stored in the ‘Backup files’ folder on the memory card. If you ever need to restore the backup, simply click on ‘Settings’, ‘Sync & Backup’ and tap ‘Restore Backup’.