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Memes feel like such a modern phenomenon, that you’ll probably be surprised to hear that the concept comes from the ancient Greek word mimema. It means  “imitated thing” and you only have to look at the legendary Indestructible Nokia 3310 memes to see how an idea can spawn thousands of fantastic variations.

While we’ve yet to come across a Nokia meme that reaches those heady heights of interwebz fame, there’s a thriving community of memesters coming up with great new memes all the time. Here’s five Nokia themed ones that made us chuckle loudest this week.

Overly Attached Girlfriend


Success Kid


Sudden Clarity Clarence


Condescending Wonka


Success Kid

We hope these gave you a good giggle. If you think you can make us laugh louder, we’d love to see what you can cook up. So, why not head on over to Quick Meme and create some meme magic for yourself, then share down below.