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June 14, 2013

Surface + Spartan Assault stand out on E3 show floor

As many of you know by now, the latest installment to the Halo franchise, Spartan Assault is coming only to Surface, Windows Phone and other Windows 8 devices. Of course we are excited about this as big Surface fans, and longtime Halo heads. But E3 was the first time we got show off why we are so excited, stacking the Microsoft booth on the show floor with rows of Surface tablets so attendees could really get hands on with the new game. We held hourly score attack sessions, challenging players to rack up their best score for a chance to take home a Surface of their own. I just wanted to share a few photos from the event here on the blog with you as we all get ready for Halo Spartan Assault to hit the Windows Store later in July.

Bryson Gordon
Director – Microsoft Surface