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As social beings, we love nothing more than talking, sharing, and engaging with other people. Thanks to social networks, this has become something we’re now able to do anywhere and anytime – using our smartphones.

Luckily for Lumia smartphone users running Windows Phone 8, most of the popular social networking apps have been updated or redesigned recently. Let’s find out what’s new.

Facebook Beta – Free


The Facebook app on Windows Phone received an update recently, producing a beta version.

Of course, because this is a beta, there is a possibility that you may find some bugs, but we’ve yet to experience any on our devices.

One of the main things you’ll notice is the new look; it looks glossier and modern.

High-res photos are now supported which make viewing your friends’ photos a more enjoyable experience, as does Facebook Timeline.

Naturally, the usual features are still included, such as checking into venues, updating your status, and taking and sharing your own photos, too.



Twitter – Free


Limited to 140 character updates, Twitter has become a great place to find out what’s happening in the world, in short bite-sized snippets.

The recent update to arrive at the Windows Phone Store includes the ability to add filters to any photos you may upload. Filters include; no filter, vignette, warm, cool, 1963, 1972, golden hour, antique and black & white.

Watching Vine videos are now easier, too, as they can be viewed right from your timeline.

Additionally, for those with more than one Twitter account – those looking after the work account, for example – the Twitter app supports multiple accounts.



LinkedIn – Free


For the business-minded socialites, LinkedIn is where you’ll want to save your digital CV and connect with colleagues, or possible future colleagues.

The latest update brings LinkedIn Today images to your lock screen, offers high-res tiles and also includes voice commands.

For the latest news on LinkedIn Today, say “LinkedIn Today”. If you want to check your inbox, say “LinkedIn Inbox”. And of course, for job hunting, say “LinkedIn Jobs”.



Foursquare – Free


When you think of location-based social networks, there’s one that instantly springs to mind, and that’s Foursquare.

Find new venues, or your current favourite one and check-in, letting all your friends know exactly where you are.

The more you check-in, the more points you’ll receive. If you eventually receive more points than anybody else, you’ll become the ‘mayor’.

In the latest version, you can explore the world using augmented reality, powered by HERE platform. You can even search for places using your voice.

If the venue is equipped with NFC tags, feel free to tap your NFC-enabled Lumia smartphone to check-in; it’s much quicker that way.



Are you a digital socialite? Which do you use the most?

Image credit: Garry Knight