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It’s hard to believe that memes are nearly twenty years old. Yet Dancing Baby, one of the first memes to enjoy global web fame, first grooved onto our screens way back in 1996. While the internet has changed beyond recognition in the intervening years, the power of memes to make us laugh louder and look at the world differently has just kept on growing. One happy consequence of this is more people are creating more memes than ever before, including ones about our beloved Nokia Lumias. To celebrate this ever evolving creativity, here’s the latest batch of Nokia Lumia themed gems that made us chuckle loudest.

Condescending Wonka


Overly Manly Man


Overly Attached Girlfriend


Downvoting Roman


First World Problems


We hope you enjoyed these as much as us. If you’ve found any others that gave you a good laugh, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.