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From the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker, the CR-200 Wireless Charging Car Holder or the striking BH-940 Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster, Nokia has got a mighty fine collection of accessories for you to enhance your smartphone experience.

However, apart from Nokia’s official line, there are plenty of other gadgets that you can use alongside your Nokia Lumia. Some are amazing, some are clever and some are downright wacky.

Here, we’ve chosen five of the coolest third-party accessories for your Nokia Lumia.

Magnetic Lenses

The Nokia Lumia 920 has a pretty remarkable camera already but you can take it even further with the addition of magnetic lenses that simply attach themselves to the lens on the back of the smartphone. 

There are different kits available so it’s worth looking around. As ever, eBay is a good source and by searching for ‘magnetic lens Lumia 920’ I came across this monster 12x optical zoom telephoto lens. I can’t vouch for its efficacy but it would be sure to get tongues wagging if you ever sported one of these on your Lumia 920! 

Another option is the SKINA 3-1 detachable lens kit, which includes a fisheye, wide and macro lens. See what WPcentral made of it in the video here:


Powered by Nature

The Nokia Lumia family is leading the way on wireless charging and with the addition of our portable power packs, such as the recently announced DC-18 Portable Power Pack, your smartphone will always be able to stay the pace.

Sometimes though even that might not be enough. If you’re stuck on a mountain top or camping for days in the middle of nowhere, then you might have to look for alternative ways of keeping your Lumia charged up.

You may want to consider this solar powered backup battery and charger. You can clip if to your bag when you’re walking around, or use the suction pads to stick it to a window and catch the sun’s rays that way.

If sunlight is at a premium where you live, then you can always resort to good old-fashioned human endeavour, with a wind-up charger.

Going underwater

While dropping our beloved smartphones into the toilet may still the stuff of nightmares, there are now accessories designed to take your devices underwater.

These watertight plastic enclosures allow people to take photos underwater, but you can also use them as an extra layer of protection if you’re on the beach, on a small boat or if it just rains a lot.

Again, there’s plenty to choose from but BeachBuoy is a trusted brand with a clever name.

Conversations’ very own Adam Fraser recently went snorkelling with his Lumia 800 at the Great Barrier Reef and he used a similar accessory to shoot this video.


Fly A Drone

Accessories don’t come much cooler than a real flying drone.

By installing an app from the Windows Phone Store on your Lumia, you can use your smartphone to control an AR Drone high up in the clouds.

The drones will cost you up to $300, so they’re not cheap, but with everyone else in the park flying kites, you can really be the king of the skies.

Talking of drones, the fine folk at Nokia US recently did some filming with a Nokia Lumia 928 on a drone high above the Canadian wilderness and you can see the stunning results here:

Stand up your Lumia

You don’t yet see many people using tripods or mounts to take photos or videos with their smartphones. When it happens though you can certainly achieve some startling results, as Christopher Westerholm proved recently with this Lumia 920.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll getting results as good as Christopher’s but you may still want to consider a mini tripod for your Lumia. Used in conjunction with an app such as Voice Control Camera, you’ll be taking some great photos  – with you in the picture too! 

My personal favourite though is the QuickPod Explorer stick so you can take better ‘selfies’ than ever before. Stick your Lumia on the end of this ‘extendable monopod’ and you’ll never need to ask a passing stranger to take your photo ever again. No self-respecting tourist should travel without one!


Have you got or ever used any of these accessories? Are there are any others that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below.

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