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Armed with Nokia Smart Camera, the Nokia Lumia 925 comes equipped with the best photography tools available on any smartphone, turning us all into photo-pros.

Nokia Smart Camera makes taking the perfect shot, no matter the situation, a breeze.

While Nokia Smart Camera is essentially four camera apps in one, we’ve been putting Action Shot to the test to bring you a walk-through. We’ll bring you walk-throughs of the other features, soon.

To make a great action shot, first and foremost, the subject of your photo needs to be moving.

On the Start screen of every Nokia Lumia 925, you’ll find a purple Nokia Smart Cam tile. That’s your entry point into creating perfect photos.

Once launched, you’ll see it’s similar to the standard camera UI, but there’s more functionality to be discovered once you press the capture button.


As with any photography, press the capture button and keep a steady hand. On-screen, you’ll see a circular progress bar that takes about three seconds to complete.

During this time, a series of 10 photos is taken at a resolution of 5 megapixels. It’s precisely this series of photos that make creating an action shot possible; without it, you’ll have a static image.

At this point, you’ll need to navigate to the Action Shot section of Nokia Smart Camera. Fortunately, once a series of photos is taken, all you need to do is swipe up or down to find the correct function. Hint: It’s the second part down.

Here’s where you look at the photos you’ve taken and make an action shot out of them.


The 10 photos will be laid out onto of each other within the same frame, and directly beneath that you’ll see a series of dots, where each dot represents a single photo.

By tapping on the dots, you’re selecting which photos you want to appear in the end action shot. Depending on the speed or motion of your subject, it might be worth deselecting some of the photos, or selecting more, depending on the desired effect.

You’ll notice that only one of the dots has a circle around it. This circle is used to highlight one photo over all the others, which is used for extra effect and works particularly well if you turn the fade on – which I’ll explain next.


Fade is initially turned off, but by pressing the solid square in the settings bar, turns it on. Now, you’ll see that all of the frames are faded, apart from the frame you highlighted earlier.

There’s no set formula for this, just playing around with the amount of photos to include, turning fade on or off and choosing a highlighted frame will give you the perfect action shot.


Once you’re satisfied with the result, tap the save icon to save the image to your Photo hub.

Another great feature of Nokia Smart Camera is that you can go back into the image and edit it at a later date, if you wish.

You can also use the same set of images to create new types of photos using the other functions of within the app, not just action shots.

Taking photos with Nokia Smart Camera truly enables you to capture any image, even after the moment has passed.

By default, Nokia Smart Camera isn’t the default camera on the Nokia Lumia 925. However, you can make it the default cam.


In the viewfinder of Nokia Smart Cam, find the settings menu. Then, tap the set default camera button. Now, every time you launch the camera, Nokia Smart Camera is used.