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The inclusion of dual-SIM features on Nokia’s more affordable handsets differentiates Nokia from most rivals, and it can make a massive difference for people wanting to use more than one number on a single phone.

What’s it actually like to use multiple SIM cards though, and how do you get to grips with it? I’ve been putting my Nokia Asha 308 through its paces to find out.

Slot your two SIM cards into the Nokia Asha 308 to get started. The primary SIM card sits under the battery, and you’ll have to turn the phone off if you want to take it out.

The second SIM is different, sitting on the side of the phone, and you can swap it for other SIM cards while the phone is still turned on. So if you or somebody else has a spare SIM and you want to check for messages or missed calls, simply remove the SIM on the side of the Asha, and any notifications will pop up.

To select what SIM options you want when you’re using the phone, drag down the menu from the top of the homescreen, and tap the SIM card option at the top left. Nokia will ask: “Choose your SIM options”.


Tap the SIM you want to use, and underneath you can select from ‘always ask’ and ‘my choices’. Selecting the former means that whatever you’re doing on the phone – sending a message, making a call, browsing the Internet – you’ll be asked which SIM card you want to use. This is the option to choose if you switch a lot between numbers.


‘My choices’ gives you the opportunity to set some parameters for your SIM cards. You can choose a specific SIM card for calls, SMS, MMS and Data – and you can choose either SIM for each function.  

To determine which SIM card carries out which function, click the SIM Manager icon on your homescreen. This provides a comprehensive list of details you can select from:


Irrespective of which SIM card you use most, your Nokia Asha will ring and show up messages for both SIM cards, letting you know which one is receiving notifications so you can answer or avoid as necessary.

Do you have a dual-SIM phone? What do you use the two SIMs for?