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It’s time to look at some Nokia Lumia 925 sample photography!

I was lucky enough to borrow a Nokia Lumia 925 at the weekend which I used to capture a few shots from my holiday. It’s worth noting that I’m a not photographer. In fact, I’m probably just like the average ‘man / woman on the street’ when it comes to taking pictures. My tactics are very much: point and shoot.

With this in mind here are the results of my efforts. All unedited and shot in auto mode.

Here we (Loki and I) were on our way down to the lake so I took a quick shot of him sitting down. It was quite overcast and the background looks quite dull (but it was a perfectly dull day), however the detail in Loki’s features really pop I think.

Nokia Lumia 925

By the time we got to the lake the sun came out a little bit and I managed to get him to stand still for another picture. He looks like he’s posing but really he’s noticed that there are couple of geese and swans around.

Nokia Lumia 925


Below I actually decide to make one edit, and I used Nokia Creative Studio to do it. Loki was looking a little bit out at sea in the image, and to enjoy his pose I needed to crop the image and get closer.

When you click through on these two you’ll see why I’m happy with the crop. The detail is all there and you can’t see anything blurred or messed up. That’s something that really stood out for me.

Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 925

Here I thought I was getting a good shot but I probably did a bad job in selecting my position, although I really like the results. There’s lots going on in the background but the main focus shines through!

Nokia Lumia 925

Overall I am impressed. Having used the N95, N82, N8 and Lumia 920 previously, these shots were so easy to capture and the results are clear and crisp. That’s not to say those phones are not great at imaging, what I’m saying is the experience is even better with the Lumia 925. I can’t wait to see you guys put me to shame with your efforts!

You can check the full album of pictures here.

What do you think of the Lumia 925’s performance? Lets me know in the comments or feel free to reach out on Twitter.