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People on social networks

The ability to stay in touch with our social networks is an increasingly important function of our mobile devices.

It’s not just checking one social network either. We might be on Facebook to stay in touch with our friends, on Twitter for news and information and LinkedIn for career opportunities.

Given that so many people are now so promiscuous when it comes to joining social networks, last week we ran an informal poll to see just how many you belong to.

We said that you could count any service, app or website as being a social network if it connects you with other people, and it allows you to contact them or exchange content and information.

This is how you voted:

How many social networks do you belong to?

Poll results


I don’t think it’s surprising that some 34 per cent of you belong to two or three social networks; another 26 per cent belong to four or five.

However, it’s staggering that nearly 10 per cent belong to 10 or more social networks. That’s very impressive.

A couple of the comments on the poll also pointed out that there should have been an option to select zero – my apologies for that. 

Anyone who continues to hold out from social networking has my grudging admiration. However, a lot of people are finding that social networks are (generally) a fun, informative and enriching experience.

Here are some of the comments that you left:


Really think there are too many social networks, I use four if you count Flickr, but tend to find they overlap and really don’t think I could or would want to join any more, in fact I joined G+ and virtually never use it!


Twitter it’s enough, too many out there now they all meet somewhere along the line.

Busisiwe Ngwenya

I have all I need from my Nokia. But there are too many social networks now, and if you are like me, register just to see what its about. If I like I’ll use it, if not it joins a trail of dormant or seldom used accounts like Foursquare.

Thanks for all your comments and for taking part in the poll.