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A lot of Asha products – such as the Nokia Asha 310 – feature Wi-Fi, providing a smooth web browsing experience and offering particularly fast downloads. Setting up Wi-Fi on your Nokia Asha is easy, and you can even set it to notify you when you’re in range of Wi-Fi hotspots. Read on to find out more.

Connecting to your home network with a Nokia Asha handset takes seconds. Click on ‘Settings’, and then ‘Connectivity’ to bring up the Wi-Fi option.



When you click ‘Wi-Fi’, you’ll be able to turn it on and off by ticking a box, along with selecting a network from a collection of nearby hotspots.



Select the network you want to use, and click ‘Connect’. This will bring you to the security page – enter your Wi-Fi’s password to log in. And that’s it – you’re connected.



You can make things a lot easier the next time you want to use that network, however. While in the Wi-Fi settings page, click on the menu button, and you’ll be given two options: ‘Notifications’, and ‘Auto-connect’.



Clicking the first option will give you a notification any time you’re in range of a Wi-Fi network and have Wi-Fi turned on.

Clicking the latter will enable your Nokia Asha to connect to your home network and open Wi-Fi networks automatically. That means that all you’ll have to do in future is turn Wi-Fi on to connect to a compatible network.



Once you’ve set up a network, even turning Wi-Fi on and off is quick and easy. Simply drag down the notification bar from the top of the screen, and tap the Wi-Fi icon (second from left).